Mike's Functional Fitness


My goal is to educate, motivate and help you achieve all of your health and fitness goals.  Getting in better shape is one thing, but getting the results you want is another.  My approach maybe somewhat different than your average personal trainer because I expect every movement during an exercise to be at it's most obtimal form.  Not only will we address your health and fitness goals during all of your sessions.  We'll also work on improving your functional movements, walking and even improve your posture.  Why so specific?  Because many people do not no how to perform these basic life functions and as a result end up with injuries and pain later on in life.  I don't only want to help you achieve your fitness goals.  I want you to take the knowledge you learn from me and be able to apply it for the rest of your life.  I should be the last trainer you'll ever need! 

Get in shape the right way, the functional way, with Mike's Functional Fitness!!!